Thoughtful Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day right around the corner, Google searches for the question “What are thoughtful gift ideas?” are starting to spike. It’s no wonder when you think of all of the thoughtfulness that was shown in all of the gifts we were given by our parents (or parental figures) over the years. The least we can do now is take the time to come up with ideas for thoughtful gifts in return.

I launched my company, Shiki Wrap – a business on a mission to change gift giving for good with reusable gift wrap and reusable gift bags made from sustainable materials – in part because I have always been a passionate gift giver myself. Whether I was gifting on a budget or in a position where I could splurge on the gift, I was always determined to come up with the most thoughtful gift for my recipient.

Here are 3 tips I’ve learned along the way while searching for the perfect gift.

  1. The best source of ideas is the recipient.

Of course, I don’t mean you should ask them what they want (although my husband and I do this all the time), but reflecting back on recent conversations you’ve had with your gift recipient can generate the most thoughtful gift ideas that don’t have to break the bank. Was your last conversation filled with plans for the garden or cooking experiments? Maybe an innovative gardening tool or kitchen gadget is your ticket. Sites like The Grommet feature some of the best new, innovative gifts for the garden or the home.

  1. Focus on what you have in common with your gift recipient.

This is a useful gift giving hack because you are generally going to be much better at selecting a gift in a category or interest area that you know well. If you are geographically close to your recipient, treating them to a shared experience is a wonderful gift that you should be able to afford even on a budget. Treating them to take a class with you at the local rec center or even just treating them to a picnic you prepare makes for a thoughtful gift and happy new memories. If you live far away from your recipient, photographs or keepsakes from happy times you shared together also make inexpensive but thoughtful gifts.

  1. Find really good, curated gift guides.

I’m a person who loves gift giving, so of course I love reading gift guides. I’ve read enough of them to know that some are spammy and not curated at all, but I have several that I go back to and read to bookmark ideas for a later date. As a brand owner, I’ve now had the opportunity to interact with some of the people behind these guides and they are disciplined but creative, caring first and foremost about their readers. Calling out a few of these below: provides curated gift lists just for Gen Z and Millenials looking for “giftspiration” for their parents. The home page includes a quiz feature where you can answer a few simple questions about your parent and get customized recommendations – just in time for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. allows you to browse by location and discover local package-free shops, reuse services, BYO-friendly places & more. In addition to their product listings, gift cards to a location in your recipient’s geographic area might be a thoughtful gift to include. is curated by award-winning food and travel writer, Sucheta Rawal, who curates “gifts that give back” all handpicked by Sucheta.

These are just a few examples of resources to help you find a thoughtful gift. And that is an important job, because ultimately, we want every gift that is given to be used, enjoyed, and treasured with minimal impact on your wallet and the planet.