How to Reuse Shiki Wrap as a Tote Bag

While Shiki Wrap is designed to be reused as a gift within a gift, there are numerous reuses for the wraps, including head wraps (because of the natural cooling effect, flexibility and durability), but the most popular reuse outside of gift wrapping is impromptu tote bags that are perfect for beach walks, farmer's markets or stowing goods while traveling or on the go.

Young woman looking at Shiki Wrap used as a tote bag on the beach

Transforming your Shiki Wrap into a tote bag is as simple as tying three knots.

First, lay your Shiki Wrap out in a diamond shape.

We know, we say this all of the time but it is so important to remember that the secret to furoshiki is often starting with laying the wrap out in front of you in a diamond shape. Those who grew up using paper wrap were trained to start by laying our gifts and packages into squares, then struggling with the scissors and the tape to wrap a gift.  

In the Japanese tradition of furoshiki, the magic happens by starting with a diamond shape, with a corner of the square fabric directly in front of you, whether you plan to wrap a gift or transform your wrap into a tote bag.

Get a sense of what you need to carry in your Shiki Wrap tote and select the right size wrap for the job.

When you're using Shiki Wrap, you need more fabric in order to tie, so err on the side of selecting a larger size fabric than you think you need to get the job done. The tote in the picture above was created using a 36" square wrap, but this tote is carrying a medium sized box.  

In many cases, a 28" or 18" square will work just fine. During a recent out of town trip, one of our customers pulled out an 18" Shiki Wrap and transformed it into a tote to carry several seltzer water cans. Because of the stretch and durability, the smallest wrap size did the job just fine.

Watch this video.

Since the founding of Shiki Wrap, Megumi has been so incredibly generous with her educational tips and tricks when it comes to reusing Shiki Wrap. This video, replete with 2022 Harry Styles vibes, shoes you exactly how to take a simple Shiki Wrap and create a tote bag with lots of storage space and style.