Reusable Wrapping Paper: Why Recycled Plastic?

Business Insider came to Vermont to learn more about the story behind Shiki Wrap. Check out the video below:

Most people know that the plastic waste problem is huge - so huge that it can feel overwhelming. There is lots of information about the problem, and some of it is conflicting. Are those “compostable” plastics real or just greenwashed junk gunking up our recycling systems? Are all plastics bad? Is the plastic waste problem just too big for me to have any kind of impact?

Achieving sustainability in the textile industry is equally daunting. Even "organic" fabrics can wreak havoc on the planet when they require tons of water to grow and chemicals to dye for commercial use.

In developing Shiki Wrap, we chose a fabric derived from recycled plastic because:

- A critical part of solving the plastic waste problem is creating market demand for recycled plastic products, ideally consumer products that will be used again and again

- The manufacturing and dying process takes little to no water or harmful chemicals

- Most importantly, the whole point of making a product is to solve a problem and spark joy for the customer. The stretchiness and softness of Shiki Wrap makes it fun to touch and easy to wrap with – both critical elements in order for people to make the change from paper wrap to Shiki Wrap without compromising design.

In addition to utilizing fabric derived from recycled plastic, we are exploring strategic partnerships that will allow us to "upcycle" deadstock fabric that would otherwise end up in the landfill. And we are mindful of our carbon footprint in every choice we make as a sustainable brand, from supply chain to fulfillment.

While it is true that important changes need to happen in the spheres of large corporate packaging and manufacturing to have the greatest impact, the choices we make as individual consumers really do matter. Making the switch to Shiki Wrap helps to reduce the tons of paper waste that ends up in landfills every year due to paper wrap and helps to recycle more plastic, for cleaner oceans and a healthier planet.

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