Give or Take: Who Keeps Furoshiki Wrapping?

Reusable gift wrap brings with it an unavoidable question: who keeps the wrapping "paper" after the gift is received?

In Japan, when something is wrapped in the tradition of furoshiki, the gift-giver will take the cloth home with them after the present is received. There is a major exception, however: furoshiki cloth is, itself, a gift given to guests at Japanese wedding receptions.

That being said, you shouldn’t feel obligated to follow tradition. By giving away a wrap, you get to give a gift within a gift. Many customers include our instructions for the simplest ties tucked into the package to increase the likelihood that it will be reused.

Customers also really enjoy using Shiki Wrap with friends and family, swapping favorite designs during holidays and other special occasions while avoiding those guilt-inducing heaps of paper waste in the aftermath of the celebration.

If you do choose to gift your Shiki Wrap, you may find that the recipient finds other new, creative uses for the wraps. And if you believe your recipient will really love the idea of zero waste, eco friendly gifting with Shiki Wrap, consider gifting them a subscription box featuring new designs all year long. A percentage of proceeds from our subscription boxes benefit nonprofit partners (such as The Rozalia Project), incorporating a whole new layer of giving to the occasion.