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Let's change gift giving for good.

Make every present perfect with reusable gift wrap and bags on soft, stretchy fabric derived from recycled plastic.
Saves time

Wrap in seconds.

Skip the scissors, the tape and the waste! Shiki Wrap is durable, machine washable reusable wrapping 'paper' made to be reused again and again.

A gift that keeps giving.

Every purchase from our Ocean Conservation Collection benefits The Rozalia Project for cleaner oceans.

It's easy being green.

And stylish too, as seen in the Style section of The New York Times.

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From our customers


The whole family is so excited to use these for the holidays. They are beautiful!


Had a blast figuring out different ways to wrap gifts. Love it! I'll be buying more.

What a way to help an ordinary lazy "last minute" Joe elevate my gift giving. The wrap was appreciated as much as the gift!

Jim F.

Our book club is having a swap and the small wrap is the perfect size for a book.


A beautiful alternative to wrapping paper


It's so satisfying to know the time picking out gift wrap isn't lost to tearing up beautiful print designs and tossing them to the bins.


I love Shiki Wrap!

A zero waste, reusable wrapping "paper."

Reusable, fabric gift wrap is a truly sustainable solution for eco-conscious gift givers who want to give their recipient a beautifully-wrapped gift while caring for the planet.

Unlike "compostable" paper wraps, Shiki Wrap can be used for a lifetime of occasions and doesn’t require wasteful tape or ribbon. 

And it saves you valuable time!

sea with reusable wrapping paper sea with reusable wrapping paper

Recycled plastic fiber

Made in the USA with fabric derived from recycled plastic for cleaner oceans and a healthier planet
reusable wrapping paper with snow flakes reusable wrapping paper with snow flakes

What's old is new again

Inspired by furoshiki, traditional Japanese wrapping cloths used to transport gifts and goods
vermont based reusable wrapping paper company vermont based reusable wrapping paper company

Keeping it local

Shiki Wrap is a woman-owned business based in Vermont. Our reusable wrapping paper products are made in the USA with fibers sourced from North Carolina.

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Watch our video on our sustainable fabric reusable wrapping "paper"

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