Eco Friendly Wrapping Paper

Eco-conscious gift givers are caught in a frustrating love triangle, torn between their desire to give a beautifully-wrapped gift to their recipient and their love for the planet.

Everyone knows that paper wrap is wasteful and not much of it is recyclable, producing tons of waste in landfills each year. But alternatives look horrible and require time and skill to source and create.



Now more than ever, people want to live sustainable lifestyles and are shifting purchases of the core products they use for environmental benefit. But “eco friendly wrapping paper” is a bit of an oxymoron considering it’s a single-use product that takes water, ink and resources to produce for that one occasion. And the cost for those “compostable” paper wraps can be as high as $20 for a single sheet that will only be used once, with inks that rub off during the wrapping process.

Reusable, fabric gift wrap is a truly sustainable alternative – and like so many sustainable solutions, it’s not a new idea at all. Shiki Wrap, a beautiful, sustainable alternative to paper gift wrap made in the USA with gorgeous designs on soft, stretchy fabric derived from recycled plastic – is simply tied around the gift, inspired by the Japanese tradition of furoshiki. No need to hunt down the scissors or wasteful tape. 

Shiki Wrap is a zero waste wrap that won't crinkle, tear or chip. With normal use, a single Shiki Wrap will last at least 100 times longer than alternatives with dramatic cost savings over time. Plus, creating market demand for recycled plastic is critical for building a circular economy, and Shiki Wrap aims to do just that.

The plastic fibers are woven into a fabric that feels almost like light swim wear. The dye sublimation process ensures that the patterns remain vibrant and are maintained with a great deal of stretch. The end result is a machine washable, incredibly durable, soft and stretchy wrap that will last for years and years to come.




Finally, you don't have to trade beauty for sustainability. 

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